Server Room Make-over

Over the years, in-house IT people and outsource Techs , added, changed, and deleted equipment. In fact, some of the deleted equipment still hung lifeless on the wall. But if something were to break or need reconfiguring, well, good luck. It may take hours just to figure out where each wire goes and which breaker affects what device. In the mean time your users are sitting and waiting for something to do. And at the cost of labor today….

That was exactly the situation with this server room. And wouldn’t you know it, a telephone technician accidentally unplugged a piece of equipment after tripping over some wires!

However, in just a few hours this room was transformed into an efficient server room.

Now when trouble strikes, the service tech can know in seconds what equipment is connected together and how it is connected.



After - Short color-coded cables makes it easy to identify how each device is connected to the network

Before - This is where the phone guy tripped

After - Not even a dust bunny



Before - Now that they have a new VoIP telephone system, none of this stuff is necessary

After - Equipment Gone - Wires Gone - Cabinet Gone They plan to turn this space into an office

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