Local Search Engine Optimization

Need more local walk-in traffic?

Do you service a specific geographic area?

Who cares if you list #1 in Google China, unless a Chinese traveler is visiting or does business in your geographic area.

Active Technologies has developed effective tools and techniques for driving targeted local traffic to your website or into your store.

Example 1: Charleston has one of the finest music stores and they are only interested in local traffic. Their website and Search Engine Optimization successfully focuses on local musicians, new move-ins, students, and tourists.
Example 2: A North-East Georgia Janitorial company services 4 Georgia and 2 South Carolina Counties. Their website and Search Engine Optimization targets businesses moving into their geographic area and companies that wish to change services.
Example 3: A local office machine repair company in interested in any prospect that can be reached by service truck in 30 minutes.
Fact: If your field of business is highly competitive, filled with giant global players, favorable organic global search engine ranking may be impossible and pay-per-click can prove extremely expensive.

Local Search Engine Optimization can provide the type of traffic you need at a modest price!