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BroadCam Live Video Streaming Software

Stream & Broadcast Live Video over the Internet

  • Add live or recorded video to your website
  • Compress and stream video for the Internet
  • Video streams play in all popular browsers
  • Broadcast from webcams or video input

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Free if you add a link You can use the full version of BroadCam free if you link to us on your site. If you cannot link to us you will need to upgrade to the professional version after 14 days.

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Streaming Video Features
  • Stream video and audio live from your PC
  • Watch video streams from any web browser with a Flash plugin or in Windows Media Player
  • Host any number of pre-recorded video files
  • Stream videos in any file format
  • Stream video or jpg images from your webcam
  • Display alternate banners with a custom link URL to promote your company or generate advertising income*
  • Pre-record video for broadcast with Debut Video Recorder

* Professional version only

A Great Business or Education Tool

BroadCam is ideal for companies to broadcast video announcements. Lecturers, teachers or webmasters can also quickly and easily set up to broadcast video over the internet.

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