How Startups Can Get The Word Out

Before you go seeking investors for capital to purchase ads, simple inexpensive ways you can utilize to try to get the word out. I recommend issuing a press releasestarting a blogsetting up social accountsposting on industry-related forums, AND going to networking events.

A press release is a cost-efficient way to get your new product or service out to several media outlets with the click of your mouse.

I have used in the past as their plans are fairly affordable and their approval process only takes a couple of hours. This also helps the search results for your new company name.

When you write your press release, write it with your audience in mind, people that will purchase or recommend your product. Since it’s going to be distributed to a number of media outlets, give it a catchy title, and tell a story about something you’re startup is going to do. Don’t just do the cookie cutter “ABC Launches New Product For XYZ.” That’s boring and is going to get overlooked by many. Write about something you would like to read.

Starting a blog on your new website is an inexpensive way to give your new company a voice and the ability to connect with your customers. It's easy! Setup web hosting with us, Active Technologies, then use either WordPress or Drupal to create your content. Don’t just sit and try to “sell” your readers. Give them informative, helpful information. If your blog is useful, people in your industry will start visiting regularly and share their link with their connections.

Social Media accounts are a must. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, and are the first ones I go to when I want to start building a presence. Once you setup your account start connecting with people that could become customers. DO NOT CONNECT WITH THE COMPETITION! If you do, they will also have access to your prospects AND they will see inside your bag of tricks! As you build up your connections, start cross-posting content from your blog and other helpful tips. As with your blogs, be helpful, and don’t be pushy. If your connections find your content interesting they’ll also share it with their connections,  allowing for it to go viral.

Every industry has some type of forum where they connect. Some of the more established ones have websites full of members while others have sub sections on websites such as Reddit. I simply go to Google and starting doing searches for “MY INDUSTRY News” or “MY INDUSTRY Discussion.” Somewhere along the line you’ll find websites where people are already discussing things in your niche and you can start gaining exposure for free. Don't push - be helpful!

Conferences are huge for our company. Like open forums, nearly every industry has trade-shows or networking events. I watched a documentary the other night where people who have had near-death experiences have a tradeshow where they all get together and discuss their stories! Get out from your computer and try to attend some of these! With all of the discount travel sites online, you shouldn't have to spend an arm and a leg to attend. Nothing beats face-to-face communication though and it’s likely you’ll meet some connections that can really help catapult your business.

In conclusion, the majority of your hard work is actually getting your startup in production to where you can start accepting customers. But without proper marketing, even the coolest idea will fail. So after completing your first hurdle, getting the startup online and ready for customers.