How To Advertise Your Business Without Massive Pay Per Click Charges

The traditional way to obtaining new customers is through outbound marketing.  This is the route most well-funded companies take because they have massive budget and tremendous resources.

If you go to Google Adwords and bid on “your business line” you will end up paying astronomical "PPCs" (pay per click) charges.  Companies that have millions of dollars routinely spend $5,000 – $10,000 a day as long as they’re bringing in new customers. I don't know about you, but that's not me!!!

Boot-strapping companies like our's would go bankrupt quickly.  There is no way we could play that game and compete with multi-billon dollar companies like Amazon, WalMart, and Alibaba.  That’s why we always recommend the inbound sales route first, and THEN add SOME traditional outbound marketing as you can afford to do so.  Even then, DON"T GET CRAZY WITH IT!

Great success can be had with outbound marketing by utilizing a marketing method called Outbound Re-targeting Method.  Using both Google and Facebook you can easily implement a "pixel into your pages" that tags visitors visiting your website.  Even without buying anything, when they go to a website the serves Google or Facebook ads, when they check their newsfeed, they will see your banner.

If your website produces valuable content, you will be remembered. But when they see your logo, your branding on websites they trust, that adds credibility to your website and causes them to be more apt to buy your product or service.

And the best part is, click on your link or banner – no massive ppc charges!

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After reading this article, please pay particular attention to your Facebook newsfeed or your favorite news website.  You’re going to see us everywhere!

Besides re-targeting, I don't bother buying “traditional” ads on Google or Facebook.  You should focus on websites in your niche where you are more likely to connect with customers interested in your products and services.

Let’s face it – we’re not going to compete with Amazon advertising budgets! On the other hand,  they are producing very little useful content.  Their revenue streams are based on PPC, not useful compelling content. Advantage - You And ME!