Backup - Cobian for Windows

Cobian Backup supports Unicode, FTP, compression (Zip, SQX, 7z), encryption (including Blowfish, Rijndael, DES, RSA-Rijndael[clarification needed]), incremental and differential backup. It supports long file names (32,000 characters) for all backup types except ZIP (which supports only 256 characters). The software may be installed as an application or as a service running in the background. Multilingual support is implemented via user-submitted language files.

The program allows users to configure and schedule regular backup routines, for example a 'differential backup' every night (which backs up user files that have changed since the last full backup) and a 'full backup' every 7th night (backing up a full set of user files).

Backups can be saved to CD, DVD, USB memory stick, a second hard drive (internal or external) etc. Users should aim to use removable media if possible, and ideally should physically remove the media to a separate safe storage place just in case the PC is stolen, damaged, catches fire etc. Backing up files to the same hard drive as the original files offers only minimal protection against accidentally deleting or corrupting files but no protection against more serious events.


  • Support for Volume Shadow Copy even in 64bit systems Absolute paths can now be created even with uncompressed backups
  • The user interface doesn't ask for privilege elevation anymore on Vista or 7
  • Simple masks can now be applied to FTP sources
  • The timer schedule can now be limited in time
  • The main application waits now for any mail to be send before closing
  • The log file can now be send per task
  • The log file level is now more granular
  • The log file can now be splitted, one file per day
  • The service and application control executes now depending on the UAC settings
  • Fixed a bug when executing batch files with parameters
  • The inclusion/exclusion masks way of work has been re-designed
  • The backup now can be aborted if some event fails
  • A post backup event can now be aborted if a pre-backup event failed
  • Mirror tasks can now be created for uncompressed backups
  • The type of the backup can now be included in the directory name
  • The tray icon signalizes now if there are errors in the last backup
  • Better mask support
  • The speed of the backup has been increased about 200%

    and much more....

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