Optimize Website For Conversion - Turn Visitors Into Customers

By: (Scott Martin @ Kudzu) Having a website that is optimized for conversions is one of the most important factors for any B2B business hoping to attract customers online. Fortunately, you can improve your conversion rates with just a few simple steps. Here are five proven techniques you can implement today to improve your conversion rate.

1. Include a lead generation form on every page

With the continuing rise of email and other written forms of digital communications, many site visitors are more comfortable filling out a contact form than they are picking up the phone. This creates a win-win situation: you get contact information you can use to keep in touch with the visitor and they get more information about your company.

But remember, just because visitors are ready to learn more about your company doesn’t mean they are ready to share their life story. Keep your forms short. Name, phone number and email are typically all the information you should ask for. This is more than enough information for you to start a conversation with the visitor and to capture them as a lead.

2. Use as many calls to action (CTAs) as possible

Your site needs to actively invite visitors to participate. Don’t just list your phone number on the site, prompt the visitor on what action you want them to take.  For example, putting the words “call now” just before your phone number will increase the phone calls you receive from your website.

Be creative when thinking about your CTAs and how you want customers and prospective customers to interact with you.  Making your CTA more engaging and inviting will increase the effectiveness of your website.

Once you have varied CTAs on all the pages of the site, you’ll begin to see which are boasting high conversion rates and which are struggling. You can then experiment with changing the CTAs on specific pages to increase your conversion rates. For example, if one of your landing pages is performing very well and attracting tons of visitors but isn’t producing high conversion rates, switch your CTA with one that you know to be converting well.

3. Your telephone number is still the most important piece of information on your site

Despite the rise in written digital communication, the phone is still the fastest and most direct contact method. Be sure to include your phone number on every page of your website, and make sure it is easy to find. Including it both above and below the fold (the bottom of the screen when the page is scrolled all the way to the top) on every site page ensures visitors will see it. This also presents a great opportunity to include a CTA in the middle of your page.  With the rise in mobile use (i.e. smartphones and tablets), make sure your phone number is clickable (click to call) so the ease of making that phone call is fully optimized.

4. Make a video

Video is quickly becoming an integral part of digital marketing, and can be a great addition to a website that is optimized for conversions. The appeal is easy to see (literally): you can present your product or service more completely in a 30 second to two-minute video than you can in hundreds or thousands of words of copy.

Experiment with where video works best on your site, but the best place often is on your homepage above the fold. This captures attention immediately and can push interested customers to explore your site more.

5. Devote a dedicated page to each product or service you offer

Adding a dedicated page for each of your products or services has a couple of advantages. For one, you can use each page as a landing spot for a different organic search term, which can increase the overall amount of visitors to your site. Additionally, an in-depth page devoted to a single product or service will provide a place for future customers to delve into the specifics of your offerings.

Each page should include an explanation of the product or service, and it is a good idea to include a special offer related specifically to the product. Including a speed statement is also a great way to grab attention. This can include statements like “24/7 emergency service,” “same day service” and other similar copy. Finally, a statement about why you outshine and are different from your competition is a great way to give visitors that extra push to contact you.

While there are many ways to ensure your website is optimized for conversions, following these five tips will have you well on your way to a great website that brings the leads to you. Find out even more digital marketing tips at Kudzu’s Digital Solutions.